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Laughing with Mary J. Blige: Unveiling the Comedy She Dubbed ‘The Funniest Ever’

Mary J. Blige Calls Bridesmaids the Funniest Movie of All Time

In 2022, music icon Mary J. Blige sent the internet into a frenzy when she tweeted that the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids was “the funniest movie of all time.” Her passionate endorsement quickly went viral, with fans and critics alike chiming in to share their love for the uproarious film. Blige’s tweet sparked a widespread discussion about the merits of the movie, the comedic chops of stars like Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, and Blige’s own penchant for comedy.

For Blige, whose music career spans over three decades, Bridesmaids stands out not just for its humor but for its heart. The Grammy Award winner is known for baring her soul in her lyrics, getting vulnerable about relationships, pain, and resilience. She brings that same authenticity to her comedy fandom, praising films and TV shows that make her laugh but also connect with her on a deeper level.

Beyond Bridesmaids, Blige has shown love for funny flicks like Girls Trip, The Hangover franchise, and the classic Eddie Murphy comedies from the 80s. She even had a cameo role in the 2019 sequel to Superfly, leaning into her comedic side on the big screen. On social media, she often cracks jokes and shares LOL-worthy memes with her millions of followers. Her down-to-earth personality and willingness to be real make her comedy commentary relatable and buzzworthy.

Why Bridesmaids Struck a Chord with Mary J. Blige

When Bridesmaids first hit theaters in 2011, it took audiences and critics by surprise. At a time when female-fronted comedies were rare, the raunchy but heartfelt movie was a revelation. It was one of the top grossing films of the year, earning over $288 million worldwide. The movie scored Oscar nominations for stars Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, along with a nod for the original screenplay by Wiig and Annie Mumolo.

For Blige, the film likely resonated not just because of its wacky humor but because of its emotional core. Wiig stars as Annie, a down-on-her-luck woman who agrees to be maid of honor for her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph). Jealousy, class differences, and relationship woes collide as Annie tries to keep it together while planning the wedding celebrations.

Like most of Blige’s music, Bridesmaids finds the humor in real struggles. Annie is broke, single, and still reeling from a breakup when she’s tossed into the crazy world of wedding planning. As hijinks ensue, hearts are also bared. Blige can relate to baring your soul, even in unlikely places. The film’s willingness to pair big comedic set pieces with genuine pathos likely struck a chord with the music legend.

The Funniest Parts of Bridesmaids for Fans Like Blige

While the film tugs at the heartstrings, it also serves up scene after scene of pure hilarity. Fans like Blige have plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to choose from when citing why Bridesmaids is so brilliant. The chemistry between Wiig and Rudolph provides a constant stream of comedy gold. Their rapport on screen makes the friendship between Annie and Lillian feel authentic.

Two scenes, in particular, stand out for showing that comedic magic. In an early scene, Annie and Lillian get wild during a raucous brunch. A casual catch-up escalates into the pair screaming curse words, climbing on tables, and dancing their hearts out to Wilson Phillips. Blige can likely relate to letting loose with a good girlfriend.

Later, a fitting scene turns into total mayhem thanks to some questionable Brazilian food. As the bridesmaids try on gowns, food poisoning sets in for Maya Rudolph’s Lillian. Her sudden need to use the bathroom results in a messy sinking of one of the gowns. The other bridesmaids, affected by the bad shrimp, then descend into their own bout of vomiting, diarrhea, and gut-wrenching gags. The graphic scene spares no one, making it an equal opportunity gross-out.

Beyond those hilarious set pieces, Melissa McCarthy steals plenty of scenes as the rambunctious Megan. She has some of the film’s funniest one-liners, especially in a wildly inappropriate yet amusing toast she gives at the engagement party.

Why Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph Shine

While the entire cast shines, Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are at the heart of what makes Bridesmaids such a comedy classic. As childhood friends, their chemistry leaps off the screen. Wiig’s deadpan quirkiness plays beautifully against Rudolph’s sunny, earnest charm.

Together they nail the complexities of female friendship, showing how love and jealousy and respect can all mix together. The relationship never feels less than authentic, which adds heart to the movie’s wackier scenes.

Both actresses also get to show off their talent for physical comedy. Rudolph is brilliant as food poisoning decimates her on her gown fitting. And Wiig’s stressed-out facial expressions and physical meltdowns make her a master of cringe comedy.

Blige likely appreciated seeing actresses usually known for their comedy chops get to stretch into deeper territory. Both Wiig and Rudolph showcase dramatic acting skills on top of their clear talent for levity.

Director Paul Feig Pushed Boundaries

A huge reason Bridesmaids succeeded in blending heart and humor is thanks to director Paul Feig. Feig broke onto the scene with the cult hit TV series Freaks and Geeks. That show also deftly mixed comedy with emotional resonance.

With Bridesmaids, Feig challenged the trope that women can’t be as raunchy or funny as men on screen. He encouraged his cast to improvise, do additional takes, and push the limits of the humor.

The result was a film that pulled no punches. The extended scenes of food poisoning, sexual misadventures, and general misbehavior feel refreshingly honest and funny compared to tamer female-led comedies.

Feig also co-wrote the script with Kristen Wiig, allowing the humor to really reflect her comedic sensibilities. By letting Wiig and the other women be themselves, Bridesmaids became a gamechanger for portraying funny, flawed, tough women on film.

Mary J. Blige’s Appreciation for Comedy

While Mary J. Blige is best known for her serious, soulful music, she also has a lively funny bone. She has an appreciation for comedy in all its forms. Over the years, she’s dropped in comedy cameos and shared plenty of LOL content across her social media platforms.

Her breakout acting role on the hit series Umbrella Academy showed Blige could hold her own in a dark superhero story. But she’s also pursued opportunities to make audiences crack up. In 2019, she appeared in Superfly as a flashy, no-nonsense real estate broker.

On her Instagram page, Blige often re-grams memes and viral comedy clips for her 6 million plus followers. She has an eye for funny content and shares relatable jokes about dating, work stress, food cravings, and everyday mishaps.

The music icon stays hip to popular comedy trends across both TV and film. She engages playfully with fans online, appreciating comedy as a way to take a break from heavier or more serious subjects. For Blige, laughter matters, and over her long career she’s learned how comedy can uplift and connect people.

How Comedy Connects to Blige’s Music

While Blige tackles painful topics in her lyrics, she’s also often incorporated humor into her music. Even on more serious albums, she scatters in funny lines and moments to give fans a break from the intensity.

On songs like “MJB da MVP” from 2017’s Strength of a Woman, she drops witty sports references and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. In “Rent Money” off the same album, she cracks wise about relationships while warning partners not to take advantage of her kindness.

Blige also frequently collaborates with rappers known for their sense of humor. She’s partnered with lighthearted MCs like Method Man and Redman along with the late great comedy rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Blige knows how to balance gravitas with levity, both in music and film.

Bridesmaids Legacy and Impact

Over a decade later, Bridesmaids remains a landmark comedy. It paved the way for more female-led ensemble films like Girls Trip, Wine Country, and Rough Night. The box office success proved that audiences craved funny movies both led by and tailored to women.

For Blige to champion Bridesmaids and deem it the funniest movie ever says a lot. The film checks off all the boxes for her comedy sweet spot. It’s hysterical and outlandish but also emotionally resonant. Blige loves media that portrays women as fully rounded people, flaws and all.

Bridesmaids avoids easy female stereotypes. Annie is a mess but fiercely loyal to her friend. Megan brazenly bulldozes through social norms yet supports her new girlfriends. Lillian seems to have it all together but harbors her own insecurities and jealousies.

Their relationships feel authentic because they are filled with the complexities of real life. Blige can relate to baring your soul and revealing imperfections. She celebrates Bridesmaids for capturing the humor and humanity in friendship.

Blige Remains a Powerhouse Entertainer

Well into her career, Mary J. Blige remains a cultural force across the worlds of music, film, television and beyond. Whether cracking jokes with talk show hosts or sharing a music video with Vanilla Ice, her vibrant personality keeps shining through.

For Blige, all forms of entertainment have value when done authentically. She praises comedies like Bridesmaids that make her literally laugh out loud but also touch the heart. As both a funny and gifted dramatic actress, Blige appreciates storytelling that bridges genres and emotions.

Her continued success proves artists don’t need to be pigeonholed. Blige moves effortlessly between making you dance, weep, or chuckle. She knows how to let loose and not take herself too seriously. That combination of talent and authenticity is why fans eagerly await everything she does next, whether it’s a new album or a cameo in the latest comedy smash.

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