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Cardi B’s Hilarious Recommendation: Unveiling the Movie She Calls ‘The Funniest of All Time’

The Funniest Movie of All Time? Cardi B Says It’s Bridesmaids

When rap superstar Cardi B recently called the 2011 comedy Bridesmaids the “funniest movie of all time” on Twitter, it sparked a viral debate among fans. With her trademark humor and honesty, Cardi B shone a spotlight on this raucous female-driven buddy comedy that has only grown in popularity over the last decade.

Directed by Paul Feig and produced by comedy heavyweight Judd Apatow, Bridesmaids starred Saturday Night Live standout Kristen Wiig. She co-wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay with Annie Mumolo, based on their own experiences and observations as struggling entertainers. The film costars Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Chris O’Dowd.

Upon its release in 2011, Bridesmaids was hailed as groundbreaking. Not only did it feature a primarily female ensemble cast, an unfortunate rarity in Hollywood, but it depicted women being unapologetically funny. The film proved once and for all that women can lead blockbuster comedies and draw big box office dollars.

Bridesmaids was a smash hit, grossing $288 million worldwide and exceeding all expectations. Beyond its commercial success, the movie earned widespread critical acclaim and award season attention. Let’s look at all the reasons why Cardi B is absolutely right that Bridesmaids is the funniest movie of all time.

The Cast of Comedy All-Stars

The cast of Bridesmaids simply can’t be beat for comedic talent. Saturday Night Live legend Kristen Wiig leads the pack as Annie, a down on her luck pastry chef who is asked to be maid of honor for her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph).

Wiig is hilariously hapless and charming as Annie, who has hit a major rough patch. Rudolph delivers her signature bubbly energy as the bride-to-be. The cast is rounded out by additional SNL heavy-hitters like McCarthy and Rudolph as Lillian’s colorful bridesmaids.

McCarthy stole the show and earned an Oscar nod for her breakout performance as the brash, quirky Megan. Groundlings alum Wendi McLendon-Covey nearly steals the movie as the uptight Rita. Ellie Kemper and Rose Byrne both deliver killer comedic performances as fellow bridesmaids Becca and Helen.

The ensemble has a chemistry and comedic timing that is unmatched. Together, they make up a modern comedy dream team and create something really special and outrageously funny.

Laugh Out Loud Funny Script

Bridesmaids is packed with clever dialogue and scenes built around huge, gut-busting laughs. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo’s script earned them an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, and it’s easy to see why.

The story finds Annie despondent and broke, trying to navigate competing with the ultra-wealthy and seemingly perfect Helen for maid of honor duties. One hilarious sequence finds the bridesmaids battling Montezuma’s Revenge after a disastrous bout of food poisoning ruins a fitting for Lillian’s wedding dress.

An iconic scene unfolds when the ladies try on gowns at a posh bridal shop, with McCarthy’s character having the most unfortunate gastrointestinal reactions. Every scene escalates the humor and absurdity.

Another side-splitting sequence shows Annie and Megan getting ripped on a plane ride to a lavish Las Vegas bachelorette party. They engage in outrageous and inappropriate mid-flight behavior since, as Megan reasons, they “are all just one drink away from becoming a raging psychotic.”

The sharp writing allows the talented comedic cast to showcase their improv chops and really let loose. The jokes fly fast and quick-witted banter builds throughout. For scene after scene of outrageous hilarity and clever comedy, Bridesmaids truly delivers.

Relatable Story and Heart

While undeniably raunchy and outrageous, Bridesmaids has real heart. Underneath all the weddings dress mishaps and gross-out gags, the story captures something relatable about friendship. Kristen Wiig’s Annie is broke, single, and feeling stuck in her life when she’s asked to be maid of honor.

As her long-time friendship with Maya Rudolph’s Lillian takes a backseat to wedding planning with the fabulous Helen, Annie tries to get her life together. She starts a sweet romance with cute cop Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd) and begins to rebuild her baking business.

The film sends the message to embrace who you are. By the end, Annie realizes she doesn’t need to measure up to anyone else. Bridesmaids has a sincerity that touches the heart and adds emotional depth, taking it to another level beyond just laughs.

Melissa McCarthy’s Breakout Role

While packed with SNL all-star power, the cast’s secret weapon was Melissa McCarthy. Relatively unknown at the time outside her supporting role on Mike & Molly, McCarthy became a major scene stealer.

She went down in comedy history for her raunchy and fearless performance as the lovable weirdo Megan. McCarthy drew big laughs for her outrageous one-liners and willingness to go there, like her character’s affinity for puppies and projectile vomiting on a fancy wedding dress.

McCarthy’s breakout sparked her meteoric rise to stardom. She earned an Oscar nomination for Bridesmaids, then quickly became one of the highest paid and most popular comic actresses in Hollywood. She headlined hits like Identity Thief, Spy, The Heat, Tammy, and led the all-female Ghostbusters remake.

It all started with Bridesmaids, where McCarthy proved her comic skills with one of film’s funniest and most memorable supporting turns. Her raw talent helped turn Bridesmaids into an instant comedy classic.

Changed the Game for Women in Hollywood

Bridesmaids didn’t just influence McCarthy’s career. This raunchy female ensemble comedy was a major game changer for women in Hollywood. Until Bridesmaids, studios doubted that audiences wanted to see a comedy headlined by women.

The film smashed that glass ceiling and proved once and for all that women can anchor blockbusters just as big as men. Bridesmaids grossed $288 million worldwide, making it producer Judd Apatow’s biggest hit at the time.

The movie’s massive success opened the door for more female-led comedies. McCarthy of course became a superstar, and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig went on to collaborate with her on The Heat and Spy. Pitch Perfect, Girls Trip, Trainwreck and many more funny female-centric films likely never would’ve been made without Bridesmaids changing attitudes.

Kristen Wiig’s Hilarious Lead Role

While McCarthy had her breakout, let’s not overlook Kristen Wiig’s brilliance anchoring this comedy classic. After years stealing laughs on SNL, Wiig stepped into her first starring film role and knocks it out of the park.

As Annie, she’s hilarious showcasing drunk airplane antics, an awkward roommates situation, and just trying to hold it all together as maid of honor. But Wiig also brings pathos to the hapless but good-hearted Annie. We root for her to stand up for herself and find happiness.

Wiig is exquisite at balancing raunchy and ridiculous behavior with vulnerability. Her performance grounds this zany wedding comedy with real heart and stakes. Wiig proves herself a true movie star who can make anything funny, from gown shopping mishaps to plane ride freak-outs. Her dynamite turn makes Annie an all-timer of a comedy heroine.

Lasting Popularity and Acclaim

Over a decade since its release, Bridesmaids remains wildly popular with audiences. The comedy constantly trends on Twitter and Instagram as new generations discover it. In fact, Cardi B’s viral tweet praising it sparked a huge renewed appetite for the movie.

Bridesmaids endures as a comedy classic that stands the test of time. Beyond its box office domination, the film earned rave reviews from critics. It remains one of the best-reviewed comedies on Rotten Tomatoes to this day, with 90% positive notices.

In the years since, Bridesmaids has only been re-appraised more positively for its groundbreaking role redefining Hollywood attitudes about women in comedy. Respect continues to grow for Wiig, McCarthy, Mumolo and the entire cast’s comic talents.

It turns up on countless lists ranking the greatest comedies of all time. For its historical impact, hilarious non-stop laughs, and trailblazing role redefining comedy, Bridesmaids remains right at the top.

The Perfect Comedy for Cardi B

It makes perfect sense that outspoken superstar rapper Cardi B would call out Bridesmaids as the funniest movie ever. The film shares Cardi’s fearless funny attitude and willingness to be real.

Cardi is constantly cracking up fans with her candid humor on social media. Like Bridesmaids, she celebrates being authentically yourself. Fans love Cardi B for always keeping it real whether she’s clapping back at haters or sharing TMI stories about her personal grooming habits.

The rap goddess built her brand on unfiltered honesty and self-deprecating humor just like Bridesmaids. She clawed her way to the top by breaking the mold and refusing to be anything but her genuine self.

It’s easy to see why Cardi connects with a comedy that defied Hollywood expectations. Bridesmaids proved that being authentically funny was more than enough for blockbuster success. Like Cardi B herself, the movie shows that embracing your quirks and letting your freak flag fly is the key to comic greatness.

The Perfect Girls Night Movie

A rowdy, raunchy comedy like Bridesmaids makes for an ideal pick when planning a fun girls night. The film offers nonstop laughs alongside a story female viewers deeply relate to.

Watching Annie’s maid of honor misadventures play out amongst her dysfunctional friendships and relationships is highly entertaining for everyone who’s been there. The comedic mastery of Wiig, McCarthy, Rudolph and the rest of the cast makes Bridesmaids endlessly quotable and ripe for inside jokes.

Bridesmaids is feel-good fun that empowers women to stop comparing themselves to others. The supportive female friendships ultimately shine brighter than any wedding. McCarthy and Rudolph in particular make watching this buddy comedy a ball for any girls night.

Put on Bridesmaids on your next girls night in for a nostalgia trip to 2011 that will have you cackling. Keep the rosé and Mexican food coming to fully appreciate the food poisoning hilarity. Plan to giggle yourself silly well into the night.

The Greatest Comedy Ensemble Ever Assembled

Comedies live and die by the strength of their ensembles, and Bridesmaids truly has the greatest comedy cast ever constructed. Built around Kristen Wiig’s brilliance and Melissa McCarthy’s breakout magic, the characters pop off the screen.

Maya Rudolph delivers her signature charm and silliness as the bride-to-be. Rose Byrne surprises by revealing killer comedic chops as the pretentious villain Helen. Wendi McLendon-Covey nearly runs away with the movie in every scene as the uptight Rita.

From Chris O’Dowd’s adorable cop love interest to Ellie Kemper’s naïve newlywed, every supporting role is perfectly cast for nonstop laughs. Together they have a chemistry and comedic rhythm that melds together into comedy gold.

Lesser comedies often feel strained with a mismatched ensemble or thinly written supporting characters. But every role in Bridesmaids sings with hilarity and serves the story. Stacked from top to bottom with epic talent, it’s easy to see why this remains one of the funniest and most beloved ensembles ever.

The Most Quotable Comedy Film

From Annie’sawkward rendition of “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips to Megan’s affinity for puppies and psychotic alter-egos, Bridesmaids rewards repeat viewing with endless quotable laughs. Fans have been quoting McCarthy and Rudolph’s classic one-liners for over a decade.

Megan’s food poisoning bathroom explosion accompanies her declaring, “It’s coming out of me like lava!” She later adds the instant catchphrase, “Help me, I’m poor!” Helen and Annie’s passive aggressive exchanges like “Go back to Party City where you belong!” are pitch perfect satire.

With Wiig, Mumolo and Feig’s sharp script brought to life by impeccable improv, Bridesmaids offers the gift of instant quotes for any occasion. Every viewing uncovers another piece of dialogue comedy gold like “Annie, you’re classy, you’re smart and you’re brilliant! And that’s why I made you maid of honor. Also, you said yes.”

For classic comedy writing and delivery, Bridesmaids truly can’t be topped. The jokes, one-liners and scenes have become so engrained in pop culture for good reason. This endlessly quotable movie gives comedy fans an instant reference library for life.

Conclusion: Cardi B Gets It Right!

When rap sensation Cardi B calls Bridesmaids the funniest movie ever, it carries weight. This is a fearless funnywoman who tells it like it is. Cardi connects with audiences through over-the-top humor just like Bridesmaids did.

With its raunchy humor, heartfelt story and brilliantly memorable performances, this comedy classic absolutely deserves its recent reappraisal. Though over a decade old now, Bridesmaids remains riotously funny and incredibly rewatchable.

For conquering comedy with a record-breaking hit that redefined Hollywood, Bridesmaids is rightfully hailed today as an all-time great. Thanks to timeless writing and next-level cast chemistry, this blockbuster hit will continue making audiences cackle for generations to come.

Cardi B’s high praise for Bridesmaids resonated and went viral for good reason. It reminded the world of this groundbreaker’s comedic genius. So next time you need big belly laughs, follow Cardi B’s recommendation. Pop in Bridesmaids and enjoy the funniest movie ever made!

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