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Cardi B revealed the shocking reason behind why she almost had to leave the stage

Cardi B has cemented herself as one of the biggest names in rap music. Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2015 with viral hits like “Cheap Ass Weave” and “Foreva,” she has consistently dominated the charts and pop culture with her unapologetic lyrics, trendsetting style, and infectious personality. She’s the kind of star fans feel they really know – someone relatable yet aspirational. So when Cardi recently revealed she had considered leaving music behind completely, it came as a major shock to supporters worldwide.

In a raw new interview with Rolling Stone, the superstar opened up about the immense pressures of fame and the constant scrutiny of her every move. She confessed that the nonstop judgment had left her utterly exhausted, unhappy, and questioning if performing was still worth it. For those who have grown up idolizing Cardi’s bold spirit and boundary-pushing artistry, even the thought of her quitting is devastating.

As she shared vulnerably in the interview, Cardi once lived for the thrill of music and connecting with crowds. She said performing used to make her feel truly alive and purposeful: “I loved being on stage feeling the energy of the crowd. I used to love it.” But the massive expectations that accompanied her meteoric rise soon started taking a serious toll. She was no longer just Cardi B, plucky newcomer – suddenly she was Cardi B, global sensation. And with that came relentless critique of everything from her music to her looks, relationships, parenting, even her past career as a stripper.

She tried to ignore the constant judgment, but found it was inescapable. “I felt like I had to be perfect all the time,” Cardi confessed. “I had to look perfect, sound perfect, act perfect. It was exhausting.” No matter what she did, it never felt good enough for critics. The scrutiny was so intense, even tiny flaws were magnified: “I would read comments about how I wasn’t a good performer, or how I didn’t deserve my success. It started to make me doubt myself.”

As fans, we saw Cardi take the world by storm – but few realized how harshly that spotlight was burning behind the scenes. The public put Cardi on an impossible pedestal of perfection, while also tearing her down at any chance. And the internal toll was devastating. “I started having anxiety attacks before shows,” she revealed. “I would get so nervous that I would throw up. It was a terrible feeling.” The nonstop criticism made her question everything that had always come so naturally before. The passion was fading: “I wasn’t happy anymore. I wasn’t enjoying myself.”

Finally, after one particularly harsh wave of public contempt, Cardi confessed she reached her breaking point. She seriously considered if she could keep subjecting herself to this. “I thought to myself, ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’ I was so close to just walking away.” The idea of Cardi B – the vibrant, bold persona so many of us idolize – leaving music forever is almost unthinkable. And yet it was her reality.

Thankfully, at the precipice, Cardi made the empowering decision not to abandon her calling, but to stop letting others tear her down. She realized giving up would mean surrendering her gifts to please the detractors. As she declared, “I realized that I couldn’t let the haters win. I had to find a way to love myself and my craft again.”

Since then, Cardi has set firmer boundaries with media, grown more selective about events and interviews, and made her mental health a priority. “I’ve learned to say no. I don’t have to do everything people ask of me,” she stated. “I have to take care of myself.” She also frequently speaks out against the impossible standards placed on women in entertainment. After years of making herself sick trying to live up to others’ expectations, Cardi is now focused on meeting her own.

And thankfully, she continues blessing the world with her unique artistry – now on her own terms. Just months after nearly quitting, she bounced back with her masterpiece sophomore album Invasion of Privacy. In the years since, she has shown time and again that – despite all attempts to box her in – Cardi B bows to no one.

For all of us Cardi fans, her transparency about this painful chapter only deepens our admiration. The pressures she described are unimaginable, yet she persists. While grateful she found the strength not to abandon her calling, her words are also a sobering reminder to better support artists’ humanity. Cardi’s experiences reveal the sometimes toxic entanglement of celebrity, criticism, mental health, and public perception. Moving forward, we must be more mindful as consumers not to unconsciously feed that destructive cycle.

Cardi’s story is a powerful reminder that even the most unshakeable stars are human underneath. Her willingness to be so vulnerable underscores why she remains such a compelling, inspirational force. The girl from the Bronx with big dreams has proven for years she can weather any storm. But now, we as supporters must do our part to stop being the storm.

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