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Heal the World: 5 Ways Michael Jackson Fought for a Better Planet

Michael Jackson was not just the King of Pop – he was also the King of Comedy! His natural charisma, charm, and quick wit made him one of the most beloved entertainers of all time. As a devoted fan, I’ve always been amazed by Michael’s ability to bring laughter and joy to any situation.

From his earliest days with the Jackson 5 to his record-breaking solo career, Michael always knew how to make people smile. He had an incredible talent for physical comedy and would often incorporate silly dances, voices, and exaggerated facial expressions into his performances. My all-time favorite example is when he imitates various world leaders in the music video for “Leave Me Alone.” Seeing him poke fun at everyone from Michael Gorbachev to Ronald Reagan shows what a skilled impressionist he was!

Michael was also hilarious in unscripted moments. His interviews and candid appearances were filled with quips, jokes, and good-natured teasing. Like when he brought his pet llama to the Grammys and declared, “He’s my date!” Or the time he called Eddie Murphy pretending to be an eccentric fan named Marty. His quick wit and improvisational skills could catch anyone off guard!

Part of what made Michael so funny was that he didn’t take himself too seriously. He was happy to be the butt of jokes and didn’t mind looking silly if it brought others joy. This was clear whenever he invited kids on stage with him or dressed up in wild costumes like his famous Sequined Sock look. Michael wanted his shows to be playful and appealed to the childlike spirit in his fans.

And who could forget his music videos like “Leave Me Alone,” “Smooth Criminal,” and “Speed Demon”? These short films showcased Michael’s comedic talents to the fullest. He embraced slapstick, physical comedy, and funny facial expressions that made these videos absolutely hilarious classics. The especial effects and props like the anti-gravity lean in “Smooth Criminal” demonstrated what a visionary he was.

Above all, I think the core of Michael’s humor was his generosity of spirit. He wanted to uplift people and believed laughter was a great way to spread joy. This is why he was constantly cracking jokes, doing pratfalls, or dancing like a silly robot on stage. Making people smile lit Michael up from within. For him, comedy was another form of giving to others.

That’s why to this day Michael Jackson remains such an iconic, beloved entertainer worldwide. Not only did he revolutionize music, singing, and dance, but he redefined what it meant to be a truly funny performer. He proved humor and entertainment could be used to bring people together versus divide them. The world was his stage and his wit, charisma, and comedy were gifts to humanity.

As a lifelong fan who deeply misses Michael, I’m so grateful I can revisit his work anytime I need a laugh or to be reminded what a phenomenal entertainer he was. We were so lucky to have someone as multi-talented and funny as Michael Jackson entertain us for decades. He could go from singing heart wrenching ballads to pulling off physical comedy seamlessly. Michael had a natural comedic genius that I believe will never be duplicated. We love and miss you Michael!

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