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Why Mісhаel Jасkѕon uѕed to fіnіѕh сonсertѕ wіth leѕѕ сlotheѕ аnd the ‘ѕeсret’ of hіѕ ѕhoeѕ

Michael Jackson was a “noseli” when it came to clothes. Because he wanted to stand out, he chose his clothes with attention to detail. That is why his suits had many designs which made people wonder what they meant.

For example, almost every jacket Michael Jackson wore had a stripe on the right sleeve. Meanwhile, some of his jackets also had “777” sewn on them.

Bright Side, which Top Channel refers to, reveals some of the secrets behind Michael Jackson’s costumes

Why did he wear smaller costumes at the end of his shows?

Michael Jackson’s dance routines were very physically demanding and he gave his all during his concerts. By the end of the show, he would often lose up to 5kg and his waistline would be an inch thinner. And since it was important that his clothes fit perfectly so that he could show off his movements while dancing, each next costume was one size smaller than the last.

In the photo: The appearance of Michael Jackson before, during and at the end of the concert

How did his shoes work?

Michael Jackson’s shoes that helped him defy the laws of gravity had a V-shaped clip on the bottom of the heels. With its help, he could be fixed to a nail stuck in the floor and perform his famous 45-degree forward tilt. However, to be able to do this and keep the whole body upright also required a tremendous amount of core and leg strength.

Why was he only wearing one glove?

Michael had vitiligo, a skin disease that causes your body to partially lose pigmentation. She started in his hand and he wanted to cover her. Jackson thought it would look too ordinary to wear 2 gloves, so to look unique he decided to wear just one.

Why did almost every jacket have a stripe on the right sleeve?

Michel Jackson just wanted his clothes to be different from everyone else’s. And having a stripe on the sleeve of the dress makes your look stand out. Michael also liked to make his fans curious as to why he had that armband.

Why were there three “7”s sewn into his jackets?

Michael was the 7th child in his family. He was born in 1958, and if you add 19 plus 58, it equals 77. So we end up with “777”.

Why did he never shine his shoes?

Once, the singer’s managers were concerned about the condition of his shoes and asked his stylist to polish them. He polished them off, but this made Michael extremely angry. He explained that the leather was worn exactly as it should be and that the polish would make it too slippery to perform his movements while dancing.

Why was he wearing white socks?

Michael liked to wear white socks for some reason. No one else wore white socks with black shoes. Moreover, they caught the light and drew attention to the movements of his feet when he danced.

Why did he tape his fingers?

Hand movements were an important part of Michael Jackson’s dance routines. So he and his costume designers decided to wrap white tape around his fingers to attract more attention. Jackson also decided that it would be more unusual to stick only the index, ring and middle fingers. It was also fun for him because fans were wondering why he only had 3 fingers attached.

When Michael danced, he unconsciously put his 2 unglued fingers together. And this would also add mystery to his movements, as fans would think that this sign had a hidden meaning.

What do the letters CTE on his jackets stand for?

These letters have no special meaning. In the 90s, Michael Jackson’s costume designers created some new shirts for him. He liked them, but wanted to add some letters to the epaulettes. He said it didn’t matter which ones, so the costume designers put all the letters of the alphabet into a hat and picked 3 of them at random. From the random selection came the letters “CTE”.

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